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Search all files indexed by the Windows Search Service right from Visual Studio. Install this addin, restart visual studio, and type Control+Comma; then type your search query in the NavigateTo textbox.

As you type your query, the search results are updated.

  • File names that begin with the search query are displayed first.
  • File names that contain the search query are displayed next.
  • Files that contain that exact phrase that you typed are displayed next.
  • If the exact phrase isn’t found, files that contain strings that begin with the search query are displayed.
  • If none of the above returned results, files that contain all the words that you typed are displayed
    • For example, if you typed ‘hello new world’, files that contain ‘hello’ AND ‘new’ AND  ‘world’ are displayed

When the search results are displayed, press the down arrow to go you your desired result. Once your result is selected,

  • Press enter to open the file in visual studio editor
  • Press control+enter to open the folder containing the file
  • Press shift+enter to open the file in an external program



Windows Search Service

The results are returned from the index created by the windows search service. This comes pre-installed on Windows7 and Windows8, but not on Windows Server 2k8 and 2k12. To install this on windows server, please follow the instructions on this page. Once windows search is installed, fine tune the index to cover all files that you generally would need to open from visual studio.

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